• Meet Baylor’s nationally recognized expert in entrepreneurship & innovation

    Dr. Peter Klein

    For more than a decade, Baylor’s entrepreneurship program has been anchored among the nation’s top 10 — so it’s no surprise that Baylor entrepreneurship faculty are well-regarded for their business acumen far beyond campus borders.

    Dr. Peter Klein, the W. W. Caruth Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Baylor, has been sought out by outlets such as Forbes, CNBC and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for his insights into management, trends in entrepreneurship, innovation, business strategy, digital transformation and more. (He also regularly talks entrepreneurship with his nearly 12,000 followers on Twitter, and earlier this year, he assumed the role as co-editor of Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.)

    Before joining the Baylor faculty in 2015, Klein taught at Georgia and Missouri, co-authoring three books along the way and editing several others. Klein was drawn to Waco from Mizzou (an R1 institution) by Baylor’s mission and the entrepreneurship program’s “ecosystem.”

    “I had been working in the entrepreneurship area as a researcher and teacher for a number of years, but I had never been part of an entrepreneurship group that was as large and diverse as the one that we have at Baylor,” Klein said on a recent episode of the Baylor Connections podcast.

    “Coming to Baylor was an opportunity not only for me to join a great private university, not only for me to join a community that had goals that very much aligned with my own personal and professional goals, but also really to be right in the middle of that entrepreneurship ecosystem… It’s classes, it’s research projects, it’s engaging with entrepreneurs in the community. It’s helping students engage in growing and creating ventures. All of those things are valuable in themselves, but having them all clustered in the same place creates these synergies that generate even more value.”

    Sic ’em, Dr. Klein!