• #Baylor175: Trent and Julie Hughes, Class of 1998

    What does your Baylor experience mean to you?

    Him: “I was an RA in Penland for two years. And outside of that, I was a DJ — the first and only hip-hop and R&B DJ for KWBU. It was fun. I still have friends and relationships with people I was an RA for. There’s at least three guys that I keep in contact with often that were on my hall my freshman year.”

    Her: “He knows everybody when we go to the games. Everybody knows him because he had fun in college. I was the nerd; I studied. I knew I had to have a good GPA to get into grad school, because PT school is so hard to get into. So I was the nerd who studied. He’s always like, ‘Why don’t you know anybody when we go back?’ I’m like, ‘Because I was studying!'”

    — Trent (BA ’98) and Julie (BSED ’98) Hughes

    Trent and Julie Hughes and their kids on campus

    [Baylor University was chartered by the Republic of Texas on Feb. 1, 1845, which makes this year our 175th anniversary. As part of our celebration, we’re sharing stories from Baylor alumni about their BU experience all semester long.]