• Advice for new Baylor parents — from those who have been there

    Going to college is a huge step in every teen’s life — new friends, new town, new dorm, new lifestyle. It can be the most fun, exciting time of their lives — but it can also be the most difficult. And the same thing goes for their parents.

    On Facebook, Baylor asked BU parents who have been there to share advice for these newcomers. How do you make sure you’re there for your student, while still encouraging their independence? How will the university take care of your baby? And how can you stay connected to the university without constantly texting your student for updates?

    Here are some of our favorite answers:

    “Enjoy every minute of move-in day, and wait to cry until after you’ve said goodbye.” — Irma Nikicicz

    “Be OK when they say ‘home,’ and they’re talking about Baylor. It’s a sign of adjustment. If possible, make plans to visit them occasionally on the weekends rather than them returning to you. This allows you to meet their friends and see their world.” — Karen Yarber McNeece

    “Resist the urge to have them come home for the first 6 weeks. It is hard, but it really helps them adjust and deal with homesickness.” — Vicki Meyer

    “Have a positive goodbye and encourage them to meet many new friends and join groups at church and on campus. Plan a football and other BU activity during the semester to spend time with your student. Definitely join your local BU Parents in Prayer group. The time spent together in prayer will become so special. Remember the BU Parents Network/Parents Engagement team for any needs you may have. The Baylor community is so supportive. Your student is in good hands.”– Pam Clements

    “Get a hotel room now for Homecoming weekend, Pigskin, Parents Weekend, and Sing!” — Alicia McCullar

    “Let go. Be there when needed, but let them live their experience. Baylor Family is a real thing. Let them find their people.” — Susanne Pitman

    “As a grandparent, write them lots of notes. Email, text, etc. are good, but a note from home offering day to day news, encouragement and love is without a doubt so important. A little gift card for a quick meal can be included.” — Johnnie Johnston

    “Trust your child and let them talk to you without reaction or fear of failure! Baylor is a hard school and there are many smart students, so don’t let grades define them! The most important gift you will give is empathy and support!” — Loretta Storbakken

    “Believe and trust the Baylor staff! Everyone I have dealt with has gone over the top to be helpful and extremely friendly and patient! Let your child grow and handle their schedules. The staff will guide them and can do a much better job than us parents. Enjoy this freshman year!!” — Lisa Marsh Palomo

    “On the front end it feels like an ending to something, but you soon realize it’s just a new beginning of a really good thing! It’s going to be alright!” — Danielle Chappell Kinder

    “Relax — they have been doing this successfully since 1845.” — Rob Marsh

    And our own advice? Sign up with the Baylor Parents Network Hub to get important campus news, updates and deadlines specifically designed for you, throughout your student’s time at Baylor.

    Sic ’em, Baylor parents!

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