• Baylor Law trial advocacy program ranked No. 2 in the nation

    Across the nation, new lawyers overwhelmingly report that their law school journey left them woefully unprepared for practice — but that’s where Baylor Law stands out. In fact, Baylor’s trial advocacy program was recently ranked No. 2 in the nation by U.S. News!

    In the program, professors put students under real-world pressure with real-world situations. They must make hard decisions, think on their feet, look a judge/jury/opposing counsel in the eye and deliver on behalf of their client. They practice, recognize their mistakes, hone their skills, gain confidence and realize what’s at stake when they walk into a courtroom. The goal is to fail early and fail well — to learn how to avoid common mistakes quickly so they are ready to go after graduation.

    The experience starts with Moot Court the first year (itself recently named the No. 1 moot trial program in the nation), then culminates in the third year. That’s when every student enters Practice Court: a two-quarter, four-course, real-world training ground that tests students’ legal acumen, critical thinking, analytical precision, written and oral advocacy skills, and mental fortitude. Known as the “Marine Corps of law school,” students try multiple court cases from beginning to end: pre-trial preparation of filing petitions and answers, arguing motions, taking depositions, gathering evidence, crafting opening statements, examining witnesses, selecting juries, and delivering closing arguments (whew!).

    Sic ’em, Baylor Law!

    (Baylor’s trial advocacy program is just one of many BU graduate offerings recently recognized by U.S. News; read more on those here.)

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