• A deeper dive into some of Baylor’s most influential professors

    Drs. Rosalie Beck, David Moseman and Sara Stone

    During Teacher Appreciation Week this spring, the official Baylor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts each asked the same question: “Which Baylor professor(s) made an impact in your life?”

    The query drew more than 600 responses, and — reflecting Baylor’s long history of excellent teachers — more than 350 Baylor professors were named at least once. More than 100 individuals received multiple mentions.

    We’ve covered many of the most commonly named professors before on this blog: Ann Miller, Rachel Moore, Tom HanksRobert Packard, Robert Reid. But those weren’t the only names to pop up repeatedly in this informal survey; a few others came up that are perhaps not as well known as those legends. Whatever the reason, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight some of those influential Baylor professors:

    * Dr. Rosalie Beck, PhD ’84: In 1979, Beck (pictured above left) came to Baylor to pursue her doctorate in religion. She joined the faculty in 1984 as the religion department’s first female professor, and has taught countless Baylor students since then. “She made the Old Testament come alive for me,” remembers one former student.

    * Dr. Ginger Hanchey, BA ’02, PhD ’13: This Baylor English lecturer is “the best teacher I have ever ever had,” wrote one current student. A two-time Baylor graduate, Hanchey was also voted one of 2016’s Outstanding Professors by Baylor’s student-athletes.

    * Dr. Frank Leavell, BA ’50, MA ’53: As a young Baylor student, Leavell studied under another Baylor legend, Dr. A.J. Armstrong. He later returned to his alma mater, teaching English at BU from 1965-95. “THE BEST,” remembered one student; “an amazing man!” recalled another.

    * Dr. David Moseman, PhD ’00: A Baylor religion lecturer since 2007, Moseman (pictured above center) was the only Bear besides Miller, Moore and Hanks to be named 10+ times. In addition to teaching classes on Christian Scriptures and Hebrew, Moseman is also leading this summer’s Baylor medical mission trip to Uganda.

    * Dr. Sara Stone: A Baylor journalism professor since 1982, Stone (pictured above right) joins Dr. Packard as the rare professor to make a list like this from outside of the English and religion departments. She was named chair of her department (now the Department of Journalism, Public Relations and New Media) in 2012.

    Sic ’em, Baylor professors!

    (Photos via The Baylor Lariat [Beck] and Baylor Arts & Sciences magazine [Stone])
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