• #BearsOfBaylor — “Everyone takes off Friday and they come down here. It’s like our holiday.”

    “This is my 20th Homecoming. I think I missed one, maybe, when I was pregnant. We just come back every year. We stay with my college roommate; there’s 11 kids at the house this year! We just keep growing and growing. It’s like “family” — friends and family. We call it our Christmas. It’s like a holiday for us, you know? We have people coming in from Kansas, we came in from Frisco, and everyone takes off Friday and they come down here. It’s like our holiday.

    “Every time we’re walking around campus and the bells ring at Pat Neff, I’m like, ‘This is my favorite part, when I was walking from Draper to Tidwell, hearing the bells.’ My 9-year-old today, I was telling him that. He was like, ‘Now how do the classes work?’ You know, explaining that there’s a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class and there’s a Tuesday-Thursday class. It was such a good positive experience for me, that I would love them to have that and make good lifelong friends that come back 20 years later. And their friends are my kids’ friends, so it feels like a family.”


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