• #BearsOfBaylor — “There are people around who are willing to help. You’re not alone.”

    “My favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 5:6, which is, ‘Humble yourself, therefore, under the mighty hand of God. He will exalt you in good time.’ I take that as, no matter the struggle you’re in, no matter how much stress you have, there are people around you who care about you that will help you. If you feel like you’re by yourself or not doing so well, there are people around who are willing to help. You’re not alone.

    “I’m a senior now. It’s really unbelievable. I’m reaching a new step towards what I’m going to do with my life, basically. I’m a biochemistry pre-med major and I’m taking a gap year, so I’m trying to figure out what would be best for me. Other people have told me grad school, or getting an internship. I think looking into what I’m going to do after is kind of the hard part for me. I have an idea of where I’m going to go, but I’m going to leave my options open before I start applying for med school.”


    [Every Baylor Bear has a story; #BearsOfBaylor brings those stories to you, one by one. These stories, these people… This is our Baylor.]

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