• 15 important tips for incoming Baylor freshmen

    Running the Baylor Line

    Each year, new Baylor students get lots of good advice from their classmates and those who have gone before them — suggestions on how to adjust to college life, how to succeed academically, etc. (We’ve shared such advice from alumni and recent graduates in the past on this very blog.)

    But there are also things every new Bear should know that you won’t find in the orientation handouts. Here are 15 such tips for Baylor freshmen and transfers:


    1. Do not disparage Dr Pepper.

    Forrest Gump drinking Dr Pepper


    2. Green and Gold is a way of life. Wear Green. Wear Gold. Other colors are inferior.

    Baylor's Fringe Monster


    3. It is not “Yayyyyyy, Sic ‘Em, Bears.” Learn to do it right.

    Blake Shelton does a "sic 'em"


    4. Ms. Mei is a Baylor National Treasure.

    Chocolate chip cookie


    5. Sing is a way of life for months. Respect the way of life.

    Baylor Sing


    6. Other Homecomings are pale substitutes for the original.

    Baylor Homecoming Parade


    7. That random craving at 3 p.m. on Tuesday isn’t random. You need a Dr Pepper float. Follow that craving.

    Bear in a Dr Pepper float


    8. Our mascot can eat your mascot. True story.

    Roaring bear


    9. A Line Jersey is a sacred thing.

    Baylor Line Camp in Independence


    10. The Bear Trail is not for the meek.

    Running the Bear Trail


    11. A hammock might as well be on the requirements list at the bookstore.

    Bears in a hammock


    12. Common Grounds is better than Central Perk (we said it).

    Matt LeBlanc


    13. Chip & Jo aren’t celebrities we watch on TV; they’re family.

    Chip and Joanna Gaines


    14. Biking through Cameron Park = FUN FOR EVERYONE. Mountain biking in Cameron Park = OLYMPIC TRAINING REQUIRED.

    Biking Cameron Park


    15. Last but not least, “That Good Old Baylor Line” is not just a line in the Alma Mater; it’s the connection between you, the thousands of Bears who have come before you, and the countless others who will follow in your footsteps.

    Hands in


    Sic ’em (and welcome), new Baylor students!

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