• Best advice for Baylor freshmen on the first day of class?

    Baylor campusWe asked a simple question of Baylor alumni and upperclassmen on Twitter this morning: If you had one piece of advice for #Baylor freshmen on their first day of class, what would it be?

    Responses flooded in… Some were funny (e.g., “guys, eat at Collins;” “ladies, don’t wear heels to class”), some were serious, but all was really good wisdom for those new to Baylor.

    Interestingly, the No. 1 suggestion was to introduce yourself to your professor — an action that seems both obvious and easily forgotten. Those who get to know their professors always seem to be the ones that benefit most from their time at Baylor.

    More good advice after the jump:

    • Listen to your profs. They really do have your best interest at heart. (@mikewhitenton)
    • STUDY ABROAD!! Best experience of my Baylor career. Expand your worldview and absorb another culture. (@pdconnell)
    • Get a seat in the front. Professors like to see that you care & that you’re trying. Oh, and study! Works wonders. (@britt_whit)
    • Don’t ever wear anything from another university…EVER (@stephenhart87)
    • Soak up every #Baylor tradition you can! You won’t realize how unique your alma mater is until after you graduate (@MrsJ_Gray)
    • Get to know your classmates and form study groups! It’ll make learning and understanding the material so much easier! (@cheryllmathis)
    • If you’re a male freshman…eat at Collins (@BearVol)
    • Ladies: do NOT wear heels to class. We know you’re cute, but you’ll regret it later. (@B_Nicholle)
    • Most important advice to Freshmen: sit on the front row, and introduce yourself to your profs! #bememorable (@ModeMeisje)
    • Don’t wear pajamas to class; Your future spouse might be watching and/or judging you (@BananaSkirts)
    • Get out of your comfort zone & meet new people. You will never be around SO many talented and amazing peers at once (@BmoreBeastMode)
    • Take Business Math! No matter what field you end up in, that info will come in handy… Trust me, I was a journalism major. (@lbrutledge)
    • Soak up experiences with #Waco community, too. VOLUNTEER! We’re grateful for Waco-Baylor relationship. #WinWin (@MARCPets)
    • Visit your professors during their office hours. They like students who ask questions and show an interest in their class. (@MrsLaurenDykes)
    • Guys: don’t bother trying to explain Sing to your non-BU friends back home. Not worth it. (@BoCarlton)
    • Don’t be afraid to create meaningful relationships with the folks around you! You’ll need a tight circle. (@StoopKidSteez)
    • Optimize your class route for timely coffee/snack pit stops at Starbucks and the SUB. ASAP. (@brooke_buchanan)
    • Love Waco, serve her and leave her better than you found her. (@knielsen268)

    Sic ’em, Baylor freshmen!

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