• Baylor engineering grad builds America’s first 3D-printed tiny house

    Baylor engineering grad - 3D-print tiny house

    What if it took only 24 hours and no manual labor to build a home? Imagine how the architecture, housing and construction industries would be impacted — and how much more would the tiny house movement explode!

    Baylor engineering alumnus Alex Le Roux, BS ’15, has found a way to make this a reality. Before graduating from Baylor, he designed and built a concrete 3D printer, with the goal of 3D printing a small house. Now, only a few months after developing the second version of his printer, he’s done it: he’s built what’s believed to be America’s first livable 3D structure. Simple, yes — but fully livable.

    “After the first printer was built, people reached out with interest in using printers or using the printer’s services,” Le Roux told 3DPrint.com. “And it thus became clear that it might make sense to build a business around this technology.”

    And that’s exactly what Le Roux is doing. Right now, he’s working on a third version of the printer, which will be able to print at an even faster rate. When it’s finished, he’ll begin his first contracted project: a fully-up-to-code home in Michigan.

    Sic ’em, Alex!