• President Starr joins Justices O’Connor and Souter on Harvard Law-hosted panel

    Earlier this month, Harvard Law School hosted a daylong symposium on the need for civics education in schools. The featured noontime panel included four experts:

    • Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor,
    • Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter,
    • Longtime Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe, and
    • Baylor University President Ken Starr.

    Pretty good company, eh? The panelists discussed why civics and civics education matter; Judge Starr talked about his realization during a Supreme Court case he argued before the Supreme Court of how little appreciation many Americans have for open civic discussion. He cited the iCivics program championed by Justice O’Connor (and studied by Baylor professors and students for classroom implementation) as a great example of how intentional efforts can help reach tomorrow’s citizens at an early age.

    If you, like President Starr and the other panelists, are interested in the subject, you can watch the entire panel discussion in the video above.

    Sic ’em, Judge Starr!

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