• Happy 60th anniversary, Dr Pepper Hour!

    Dr Pepper Hour 60th anniversary

    In 1953, a Baylor staff member began to serve “frosted Coke” to students in the still-new Student Union Building’s Barfield Drawing Room. The informal gathering offered students a chance to socialize and escape the typical school day.

    60 years later, that tradition continues — every Tuesday, from 3-4 p.m., and still in Barfield Drawing Room. Originally known as “Coke Hour,” the event switched to “Dr Pepper Hour” in 1997 when the Waco-born beverage became the university’s official soft drink. Students, faculty and staff celebrated the 60th anniversary of the tradition last week with a special hour featuring special treats, Dr Pepper-themed displays, and of course the familiar ice cream floats.

    [Click here for a photo gallery from the 60th anniversary Dr Pepper Hour.]

    Dr Pepper Hour is now one of Baylor’s oldest traditions, having started the same year as All University Sing. (For comparison, the “sic ’em, Bears!” yell didn’t come along until 1960, and the Baylor Line wasn’t started until a decade after that.)

    Sic ’em, Dr Pepper Hour!