• Diadeloso 2012: Back to the Future

    Diadeloso 2012Looking back through photos from this year’s Diadeloso celebration, it strikes me that in many ways, the day must have looked an awful lot like it did 25 years ago — perhaps even when the parents of today’s students were here a generation ago.

    First and foremost, there was the overflow of neon colors — Dia shirts in shades to match every highlighter in your desk drawer. (On first glance, can you really tell if the photo at right was taken last week or in 1989?) And of course, games and competitions are still at the heart of Diadeloso, particularly the tug of war battles played out in the heart of campus.

    Of course, plenty has changed, too. A Baylor student from the late 1980s would probably be shocked to see dancing not just accepted on campus, but actually featured, from zumba and the NPHC Step Show to the Baylor Swing Dance and Latin Dance societies. And the sight of students riding camels across Fountain Mall — well, even that one threw me for a loop. (Check it out; it’s the first photo in our photo gallery.)

    It seems appropriate that Diadeloso — a uniquely Baylor holiday — would so accurately reflect the university’s progress as well. Much has changed — new buildings, bigger and more diverse student body, etc. — but much has stayed the same, too. From the emphasis on great teachers to the Christian environment, Baylor’s heart remains the same as ever.

    When we wished our followers “Happy Diadeloso!” last Thursday on Twitter, a common refrain was from graduates wishing they could be back to participate once again. Well, folks, here’s your chance: Join hundreds of your fellow Bears from all over the state and beyond for Diadeloso Texas at SeaWorld San Antonio on June 9. Get details here, then register online today!

    Sic ’em, Diadeloso!