• Baylor We Are: Building On Our Legacy

    Baylor ChapelFor all the attention given to the results of Baylor’s Vision 2012 over the past decade, not everything about the university is new. In fact, in some areas, Baylor has really returned to its roots.

    Baylor Chapel is a great example. Perhaps the university’s oldest tradition, Chapel has been a staple of the Baylor experience since the institution’s earliest days in Independence, Texas. But over the years, Chapel morphed from a worship experience to more of a lecture series, covering all sorts of subjects and performances. For many years, even the name changed, as the required course was called “Chapel-Forum.”

    In recent years, however, Chapel — now back to its original name — has also returned to its original purpose. Mondays feature speakers, bands and other performers, all aimed at connecting spiritually with students; recent guests have included Christian artists like Gungor and Jill Phillips, authors Max Lucado and Brian McLaren, and alumni such as Pastor Chris Seay and WNBA All-Star Sophia Young. (FYI, you can click on any of those names to see video from that Chapel appearance.) Wednesdays are for worship, though throughout the semester that can take many forms, from traditional hymns and student choirs to more contemporary music.

    Baylor’s dedication to its Christian heritage is clearly reaffirmed in Baylor’s draft strategic plan, and Baylor Chapel will remain a core piece of fulfilling the university’s “Pro Texana, Pro Ecclesia” motto.

    Sic ’em, Chapel!

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