• Alum’s story: ‘God was more great than we believed’

    More GreatAwhile back, we received a “Point of Pride” submission that simply read, “My sister, Melody Raines ’97, has written a book explaining God’s greatness through her battle with breast cancer. [Signed,] Jennifer Raines, BA ’94.”

    Yesterday, I went to check out the website she listed, moregreat.com, and found that the book, More Great, is available as a free download. I figured I’d skim through it and see if it was worth recommending.

    Wow. I was blown away. The book consumed my day; I couldn’t put it down. Melody’s story — and the tales of God’s greatness revealed through her experiences — began long before the cancer appeared. In fact, they began during her time at Baylor. I won’t spoil the book — it’s really a great read — but over and over again, through physical troubles, financial difficulties, even the deaths of loved ones, Melody could have easily thrown in the towel and said, “That’s it, God. I’m done.” Thankfully, she didn’t; God carried her through, and her story is a beautiful one — not despite the sadness she’s endured, but because of it.

    Seriously, go check out the book. You may lose a few hours out of your day or week, but I think you’ll emerge with a greater appreciation for how God can work even through apparent tragedy.

    Sic ’em, Melody!

    [We learned of this story from a Bear who shared her Baylor pride. Do you know of an inspiring story, news item, or just a fun link that makes you proud of Baylor and the Baylor family? Let us know! Click here to submit your point of pride!]

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