• Trio of alums head companies aiming to help Christians with their finances

    Piggy bankSince my son was born and my wife went to working part-time, being a good steward of our finances has taken on much more importance for me. My father-in-law, in particular, has given me a lot of excellent advice on the subject. For years, he and his wife have taught a course on personal finance at their church based on curriculum from a group called Crown Financial Ministries.

    My in-laws have championed the organization for years, but only recently did I learn that the company is led by a Baylor graduate. Chuck Bentley, BA ’79, took over as CEO of the ministry from its founders, the late Larry Burkett and Howard Dayton, in 2007.

    As it turns out, he’s not the only Bear at the head of an organization working to help people manage their money wisely (and biblically). Whereas Crown Financial teaches Biblical principles to help people get their finances in order, Generous Giving — led by Todd Harper, BBA ’90 — takes people to the next step, teaching Christians why and how to give. The National Christian Foundation — where David Wills, BBA ’85, JD ’88, serves as president — completes the process by working to match donors with organizations and causes that share their ideals.

    Baylor Magazine profiled all three in its Winter 2010-11 issue, discussing with each what they do and how Baylor helped get them to where they are today. As a BU grad, I’m proud to see other members of the Baylor family helping steer this important conversation!

    Sic ’em, Chuck, Todd and David!