• Baylor named No. 5 most influential college on Twitter

    Baylor Proud and KloutWe try not to be too self-promoting here — after all, this is “Baylor Proud,” not “Baylor Proud Proud” — but some recent recognition we received reflects well not only on us, but on Baylor University as a whole.

    According to data compiled by Klout.com, Baylor is the No. 5 most influential college on Twitter — surpassed only by Stanford, Syracuse, Harvard and Wisconsin, and ahead of, well, any other university you can think of (in Texas, the Big 12, etc.).

    The Klout Score is based on “the size of your engaged audience” (number of followers, total retweets, etc.), “the likelihood that your content will be acted upon” (number of people messaging with us, unique retweeters, etc.), and “the influence level of your engaged audience” (how influential are the people retweeting, messaging, following, etc.). In other words, because the Baylor family includes some important folks and because our audience seems to be enjoying Baylor Proud so much, we get a high score — so this honor really reflects on not just Baylor Proud, but all of Baylor Nation.

    If you’re not following Baylor Proud on Twitter, check us out — www.twitter.com/baylorproud. As an additional teaser, here are a few recent tweets you might have otherwise missed:

    • Anybody catch the contestant on “The Price is Right” yesterday wearing the “Sic ’em, Bears” shirt? http://twitpic.com/3u6ue2
    • A belated Happy Birthday to Joy, one of our live bear mascots, who turned 10 years old yesterday! Joy has been at Baylor since May 2001.
    • Nice stories today in @USATODAY on #Baylor’s Danny Watkins http://usat.ly/hzk9sK and in @phillyinquirer on Phil Taylor http://bit.ly/dKTo3T
    • 2008 #Baylor grad Megan Rountree finished as runner-up in @TLC’s “Next Great Baker” competition during Mon’s season finale. Sic ’em, Megan!

    And that doesn’t even include the snow pics we’re sharing today — like this one!

    Sic ’em, Bears on Twitter!