• BaylorProud on Twitter: What you might have missed

    If you’re not yet on Twitter, you might be wondering: what is it all about, anyways? Well, for BaylorProud, we’re using it as a way to pass along even more good news from and about the Baylor family — items that might not quite merit a full blog post, but that we figure other Bears would want to hear about.

    If you haven’t been following BaylorProud on Twitter, here’s a sampling of what you’ve missed:

    • Baylor’s Mayborn Museum makes Wired‘s list of “100 More Geeky Places to Visit With Your Family”: http://bit.ly/NrcsF
    • From the Nebraska media… RT @Sean_Callahan: It’s hard not to root for Baylor’s Art Briles. He’s a class act with a great sense of humor.
    • Excellent! // RT @LaurenVenegas: Saw a Baylor dad sticker on a car in Pasadena, CA – Lindsey did sic ’ems – he finally got it and laughed
    • Texas A&M blogger says Baylor’s Robert Griffin is the best QB in the Big 12: http://bit.ly/9juM7
    • Baylor’s @jeffdunham No. 3 on Forbes’ list of top-earning comedians. Sic ’em, Jeff! http://bit.ly/ZTicN
    • Great pics of Baylor’s childhood home (so to speak)! // RT @Hallmerica: Posted photos of Independence, Texas http://bit.ly/OER7h
    • In memory of Michael Jackson, here’s the Baylor band doing Thriller a couple of years ago — complete with dance moves: http://bit.ly/9Cz6h

    If you’re a frequent visitor to the BaylorProud blog, you might have seen some of these in the box along the right side of the page. But unless you’re checking back multiple times a day, you’re probably missing a lot of Baylor news, as we update the Twitter page six or eight times a day most days. So sign up and follow along on Twitter!

    Sic ’em, Baylor Twitterers!