• Admissions office works to recruit the best and brightest to Baylor

    Nicole Wesley, Baylor All-StarBefore I came to work at Baylor, I really had no idea how much work is put into the Admissions process. I guess I just supposed that Baylor accepted the qualified students who applied here, and that was it — but I couldn’t have been more wrong.Admissions staffers work incredibly hard, not only sorting out applications to determine which students are accepted, but also working to recruit the best and brightest to Baylor. The Baylor Alumni Association recently ran an excellent Q&A with Melissa Taylor, assistant director of admission services, that gives a glimpse into how the admissions process works from the University’s viewpoint.You might have seen the ads in a magazine or heard commercials on the radio advertising GoBaylor.com, a portion of the Baylor website designed expressly to communicate with prospective students. But it’s not only for them; current students and even alumni might also be interested in, for example, the video clips in which some students describe their experiences here. Take a look at the site, and if you like what you see, pass it along to the future Bears you know so that they, too, can get a glimpse of what Baylor is all about. If you want to help even further with recruiting future students, consider becoming a volunteer Bear Hunter.Sic ’em, Admissions office!