• Live, from the International Space Station to Baylor!

    ISS-17This morning, visitors to the Mayborn Museum Complex will get to hear astronaut Greg Chamitoff discuss life in space — live from the International Space Station!

    Chamitoff is in the middle of a six-month stay at the space station, which orbits the planet over 200 miles above Earth’s surface. Traveling nearly 18,000 miles an hour, the space station circles the Earth more than 15 times a day. During his talk today, the space station will be tracked on screen and contact will be maintained until the station disappears over the horizon.

    Besides the folks at Mayborn, a whole herd of people have come together to make this happen at Baylor: ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station), the Baylor Amateur Radio Club, the Heart of Texas Amateur Radio Club, and Robinson Elementary.

    Sic ’em, space station speakers!

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