• Baylor Apprentice alum speaks in Chapel

    Roxanne WilsonBaylor alum Roxanne Wilson, who earned some measure of fame from appearing on The Apprentice a couple of years ago, was the guest speaker in Chapel last week. My wife and I watched that season of The Apprentice pretty regularly. (For those who didn’t, Roxanne represented Baylor well, both in the integrity she displayed and in her success, making the show’s final four.)

    Since appearing on The Apprentice, she has spent most of her time as a public speaker and working with non-profit organizations. If her Chapel appearance was any indication, she’s a natural fit; her presentation was free and easy as well as entertaining. (You can watch that video here.) She’s also written a book, Footprints in the Boardroom.

    In Chapel, she talked about what it’s like to be a Christian on a reality show and how the foundation of faith she established while a student at Baylor has kept her anchored through law school in Michigan, on The Apprentice and afterwards. While I was in Chapel as a student, I took for granted that we could hear speakers like this on a regular basis; as an alum, I’m happy to know that students are still getting this sort of encouragement and admonition as part of a Baylor education.

    Sic ’em, Chapel programmers, and sic ’em, Roxanne!