• Baylor helps bring clean water to Mongolian town

    Mongolia water projectThe Baptist Standard picked up on a story recently about work that Baylor researchers are doing to bring clean water to a town in Mongolia.

    Dr. Rene Massengale, an assistant professor of biology, is leading the project. Industrial mining in the area has led to environmental contamination, which in turn has led to water laced with toxic levels of cyanide, mercury and other heavy metals. Testing confirmed the contamination in the recently completed phase one of the project; a pair of groups, Lifeqwest Mongolia and Texas Baptist Men, have brought in medical supplies and water purifying equipment to provide a short-term solution.

    Phase two will set up a permanent Baylor in Mongolia program and establish a permanent water-quality lab, where students from Baylor and the University of Mongolia can further research the needs of local towns and work to train residents about water quality, health and sanitation.

    Sic ’em, clean-water providers!