• What is “Baylor,” Alex?

    Jeopardy - Baylor ProudI got worried when my friend told me Baylor was in jeopardy earlier this week, until he explained that he meant the long-running television quiz show Jeopardy.

    I missed the episode (curse that 4:30 time slot!), but as related to me, the $400 answer under the heading “Colleges and Universities” was: “The 735-acre campus of this Baptist school is on the banks of the Brazos River in Waco, Texas.” And yes, a contestant did get the right answer. (Or is it question? Jeopardy always confuses me on that.)

    That wasn’t the only game show Baylor made it into this week, either. Alumnus Wyatt McMahon (BS ’99) made his way onto the season-opening episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Monday night. Alas, McMahon was stumped by a question on The Sopranos and fell far short of the million-dollar goal. Still – he got a lot further than most of us ever could!

    Sic ’em, quizmasters!