• Baylor/Vitek’s GutPak named the nation’s top college dish

    Vitek's GutPak

    It’s official: Baylor/Waco is the home to the nation’s top “college eat” — Vitek’s GutPak!

    That’s according to almost 300,000 total votes cast online in a “March Madness”-style bracket conducted by a Food Network spinoff, Cooking Channel. From 32 school/dish combinations, Baylor and the GutPak beat out NC State’s sausage dip, Duke’s gyro, Illinois’ stuffed pizza, Montana’s breakfast burrito and Marquette’s chili-topped spaghetti to be named the No. 1 College Eat in the Nation.

    Bet you didn’t realize you had it so good right in your own backyard!

    Sic ’em, Vitek’s!

    [Oh, and for those of you far from Waco who are now pining for a GutPak of your own, the Food Network kitchen worked up an at-home version of the Vitek’s special (and all the dishes in the competition).]

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