• Rare honor brings Baylor alum & Air Force veteran back to Waco

    Brigadier General Randall Cason Jr. at his promotion ceremony at Truett Seminary

    The Air Force ranks include more than 61,000 officers; only 108 of those have reached the rank of brigadier general. In December, Baylor graduate Randall Cason Jr. (BS ’95) joined that esteemed group — and he chose to return to his alma mater to mark the occasion.

    The son of an Army test pilot, Cason took an early interest in flying. His career path, which tells the story of a man dedicated to service and leadership, further took off at Baylor. A mathematics major, he was a part of Baylor’s longstanding Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program. As he embarked on a career in the skies, it’s clear he maintained his bond with the university.

    In 1995, Cason accepted a commission to fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon and later flew missions over Iraq. Amidst challenging circumstances after the first Gulf War, he distinguished himself and later became the first pilot in the Air Force Reserve to fly the F-22 in 2006, which was then recognized as the most technologically advanced fighter jet created. Cason went on to train future pilots and rose to the rank of colonel.

    When it came time to receive the prestigious promotion to brigadier general, Cason came home to his native Texas — and more specifically, to Baylor’s Truett Seminary. It was there that he held the April ceremony recognizing him with the new rank. More than a significant place at his alma mater, Truett Seminary was where his mother, Jan Cason, served many years as financial manager and continues to serve as adjunct faculty.

    As he assumes his new rank, Cason is also enjoying an additional role — as Air Force father. His son, Randall Cason III, has followed in his father’s footsteps and even advised his father in his role as an air battle manager.

    Sic ’em, Brigadier General Cason!