• What makes Baylor Homecoming so special?

    A young girl in Baylor gear at the Homecoming parade

    The nation’s oldest collegiate Homecoming annually calls the Baylor Family home from all parts of the globe, reminding Bears of their connections to Baylor, and inviting them to make new memories.

    And boy, do Bears come home. Baylor Homecoming is an annual must-attend event, regardless of scheduling, timing, or the outcome of the football game.

    What is it that makes Baylor Homecoming so special? We’ll venture that it’s because Homecoming is a party for everyone. Some Bears return with spouses or children; some, with friends; others on their own. It works no matter how many people you’re bringing with you, or how long you’ve been away. There’s something for everyone, with events for all ages and all stages. Whether it’s the parade that awes the young onlookers, or the bonfire for the teenagers, or the reunions for the more seasoned attendees, the Homecoming schedule is comprehensive.

    You can also do as much or as little as you want. If you can only make it for one or two events, then great — enjoy the bonfire, parade, and/or football game. Want to make it a weekend with your college friends? Then you can hit all that, plus take a walk around campus, visit with professors at your old department’s open house, enjoy Pigskin or Singspiration or the Stroll-Off, and share an informal reunion dinner somewhere in Waco. (Check out the full schedule here.)

    It takes a village to pull together such an event every year. You’d be hard-pressed to find a corner of the university that doesn’t have something to do with Homecoming, but at its core, you’ll find Baylor Chamber and the Baylor Alumni office working together to throw out the biggest green-and-gold welcome mat you’ve ever seen.

    So, fellow Bears — we look forward to welcoming you back this weekend. Come see old friends, and make new ones. Check out the newest parts of campus, and retell old stories brought to mind by the older ones. Pass down your memories and fond feelings to the next generation. And most importantly, catch that Baylor spirit again.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Homecoming!