• From NCAA to ACE to Big 12, Pres. Livingstone’s leadership extends beyond Baylor’s campus

    President Livingstone smiling while handing out a diploma at Commencement

    Baylor has accomplished a lot in President Linda Livingstone‘s six years at the helm: R1 recognition, a successful $1.1 billion fundraising campaign, faculty growth, campus updates, athletic success, and more.

    Her leadership here at Baylor has attracted attention across higher education, leading to national leadership opportunities for President Livingstone — and incredible opportunities for Baylor University to have a seat at the table in helping shape the future of higher ed.

    Last year, President Livingstone was elected as chair of the NCAA Board of Governors — helping lead college athletics during a season of fast-moving changes. She has also served on the NCAA’s initial Constitution and Transformation committees, and helmed the search committee that selected Charlie Baker as the NCAA’s new president last winter.

    In April, she took the reins as chair of the American Council on Education (ACE) board, leading a membership organization that represents more than 1,700 colleges and universities. Founded in 1918, ACE works to “mobilize the higher ed community to shape effective public policy and innovative, high-quality practice.” The organization’s comprehensive approach to higher education leadership values collaboration, inclusion and leadership — areas President Livingstone has demonstrated as a leader after years of serving as a researcher and scholar in organizational behavior.

    This summer, President Livingstone adds a third role, as she begins her term as chair of the Big 12 Conference‘s board of directors. Again, her leadership comes at an important time of change, as the conference welcomes four new schools and reportedly is considering additional expansion. As the rare D-1-athlete-turned-university-president, Dr. Livingstone is perhaps uniquely equipped for such a time and place.

    These opportunities put President Livingstone “in the room where it happens,” so to speak — and where she is, Baylor goes, too. In other words, such leadership positions give Baylor, with its distinct Christian mission and stated aspiration to be a preeminent Christian research university, incredible opportunities to bring the university’s voice into important conversations during transformative times.

    President Livingstone’s leadership and vision have guided Baylor to exciting milestones, even in challenging times, and it’s quite an honor that she gets to do the same collectively for universities across the nation.

    Sic ’em, President Livingstone!