• Why do research at Baylor? Compassion, curiosity and courage.

    Baylor’s growing emphasis on faculty and student research is driven by three factors:

    • Compassion — the desire to help people in countless ways;
    • Curiosity — the desire to learn more about the world God created; and
    • Courage — the desire to go places and tackle issues that others might shy away from.

    Beyond that, each Baylor professor has their own specific “why”; below, five BU faculty members explain what drives their work:

    “I study people that I believe history has kind of left behind… so that I can tell their story.”
    Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson, history

    “I like to work on problems that have an impact on humans… and I think that because of Baylor’s Christian mission, that’s very much a focus at this university.”
    Dr. Amanda Hering, statistical science

    “[Baylor’s mission] perfectly aligns with the type of work we’re trying to do… improving lives, protecting ecosystems, and ultimately preventing challenges.”
    Dr. Bryan Brooks, environmental science

    “There are a lot of rewards that come from being in social work, because you’re helping people — people who desperately need it.”
    Dr. Danielle Parrish, social work

    “We teach students, and we need compassion to be able to educate them. You need to give them challenges so they can grow.”
    Dr. Zhenrong Zhang, physics

    Sic ’em, Baylor researchers!