• Alumni offer advice for incoming Baylor freshmen prepping for fall

    Incoming Baylor freshmen at Line Camp

    With the start of college right around the corner, we know that for incoming Baylor freshmen, life might feel a little crazy, even overwhelming, at the moment.

    So Baylor social media surveyed the Baylor Family on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook — What’s the best advice you can give to incoming freshmen as they get ready to come to BU?

    More than 500 alumni and friends responded across the three platforms, sharing their thoughts for #BU26. Here are 10 of our favorite words of wisdom and encouragement, in no particular order:

    1. SAY YES. “Do the Welcome Week activities even if you’re an introvert. If fact, especially if you’re an introvert. It’s essential to build relationships. Home sickness will come, and those relationships will ease it so much.”

    2. CONNECT WITH PROFESSORS. “Go!! to!! office!! hours!! SO helpful to get to know your professors (& content) better!” Also, “Arrive for class early, sit on the front row, and get to know the professor.”

    3. SAY HELLO. “You are worth knowing. Let people in and value their friendships.” Also, “You WILL find your group of people! Just keep saying yes!” and “Say hi to the people around you — often they’re just as nervous and excited to be here as you!”

    4. STAY CONNECTED. “Call your parents!! Set up a time and a day for a weekly check-in with each other.”

    5. FIND A CHURCH. “Find a church home! There are a lot of great Waco area churches.”

    6. ASK FOR HELP. “Utilize Baylor University Counseling Center (BUCC)! College can be scary and stressful — make sure to take care of yourself.”

    7. HAVE AN OPEN MIND. “Meet people who are different, from another country, another ethnicity, another part of the country. These four years are about growth; have an open mind and you will truly expand your horizons. Take advantage of all of the free cultural events offered around campus — lectures, musical programs and plays. This is the time to let your interests guide you.”

    8. RUN THE LINE. “Don’t fall while running the Baylor line!”

    9. IT’S OKAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. “The major/degree you start freshman year with doesn’t have to be the one you graduate with. I changed my major three times, but still graduated on time thanks to Maymesters and summer school. Side note: Take advantage of Maymester! They’re awesome, and Waco summers can be a blast.”

    10. IMMERSE YOURSELF. “Learn about Baylor’s history and its founders. Learn and sing the alma mater. Attend Dr Pepper Hour and other events like sports and concerts at the School of Music. Walk around the ‘old’ part of campus and take in its beauty. Stop and listen when the Pat Neff carillon plays a song. Eat in the cafeterias. Cherish every moment!”

    Sic ’em, #BU26!