• Baylor Summer Debate Workshop still a draw after nearly a century of camps

    Participants at the Baylor Summer Debate Workshop

    Each summer, high schoolers hungry for competition come to campus, where they are prepared for the next level by the leaders of a program that’s won three national championships and appeared in nine Final Fours.

    If you’re thinking athletics, that’s not a bad guess; Baylor’s championship-level coaches host camps in almost every varsity sport each summer. But, in this case, we’re talking about one of the top experiences for high school students eager to go into communications, politics, business and more: Baylor’s legendary Summer Debate Workshop.

    Held each summer since 1937*, the Summer Debate Workshop welcomes high school students for an intensive debate experience, and there’s no better place than Baylor to host: Baylor’s Debate program truly is legendary, with multiple national titles and a list of alumni that includes four former Baylor presidents and three former Texas governors.

    “Debate Camp,” as many students call it, is the program’s outreach to high school students eager to hone their skills and prepare for college. Participants stay on campus for a week as they participate in labs and lectures and put their skills to the test in intensive practice sessions. Dr. Richard Edwards, professor of communications, directs the workshop, joined by other faculty from Texas high schools and state debate leaders.

    Baylor’s debate tradition dates back to at least 1851 (within six years of the university’s founding), and the program continues to draw top debate students from around the country — many, no doubt, captivated by their summer experiences at Baylor.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Debate Workshop!

    [* Except for 2020 and 2021 — thanks, COVID.]