• URSA Scholars Week highlights innovative research by Baylor undergrads

    President Livingstone appreciating an URSA week student's presentation

    One thing that stands out about Baylor, even among R1 institutions, is the availability of hands-on research opportunities for undergraduate students. In other words, the groundbreaking research being done at Baylor isn’t just handled by professors and graduate students — it’s being done by seniors, juniors, sophomores and even freshmen.

    Each spring, Baylor celebrates those opportunities and accomplishments during URSA Scholars Week, hosted by the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA) initiative. This event is an opportunity for the next generation of scholars and scientists to share their research with the Baylor community.

    Throughout the week, students from all disciplines present posters, give platform presentations, and display artistic creations across campus. Topics range from theoretical mathematics and fashion design to stress management and musicianship.

    “The opportunity to do research is important to me because of the extremely relevant findings applicable to every day life,” explains junior medical humanities major Kayleigh Mann. “Without it, the world does not improve and creative ideas aren’t explored.”

    “Because of URSA Scholars Week, I’ve gained the confidence and knowledge it takes to run a research project, which will be extremely important for graduate school,” adds sophomore nutrition major Gracie Tillman.

    During this year’s event, 75 poster projects will be presented, and 30 platform presentations will be given. These presentations are a testimony to Baylor’s promise to consistently engage in research at all levels, furthering the practice of critical thought and analytical skills.

    “This week is so important because it encourages undergrad research, celebrates student creativity, and provides opportunities to show their work,” says Baylor President Linda Livingstone. “It also speaks to our work in achieving R1 status. Our transformational undergraduate education is preparing students for worldwide leadership and service.”

    Sic ’em, Baylor undergrad researchers!

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