• Baylor campus community shows support for Ukraine

    On Monday, Baylor students, faculty and staff gathered on campus to pray for the people of Ukraine — one of many ways members of the Baylor campus community have joined the international community’s reaction to the horrific events playing out in Eastern Europe right now.

    “Lord of all the earth, be present with the people of Ukraine,” they prayed. “Grant that wise and peaceable counsels may yet prevail… We pray for all who fear for tomorrow, that your Spirit will comfort them. And we pray for those who have influence over tomorrow, that your Spirit will convict them and call them into compassion… We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

    On Sunday, members of the Baylor and Waco communities gathered on Fountain Mall to raise support and funds for those in need in Ukraine.

    “This is all to help facilitate and push people toward resources and information to help,” Dr. Adrienne Harris, a Baylor Russian professor, told the Lariat. “We’re supporting our Ukrainian students with family ties and our Ukrainian colleagues, and beyond our personal ties to these people, we’re opposing this war on a sovereign country.”


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    As events began to unfold last week, Baylor’s International Student and Scholar Services team in the Center for Global Engagement quickly reached out to BU students from Ukraine to offer support and guidance.

    “This is a very difficult time, but we are a resilient people,” tweeted freshman Anita Sahdiieva, a Ukrainian on the Baylor women’s tennis team. “I’m thankful to my teammates, coaches and the Baylor family for their support.”

    Every night this week, Waco’s I-35 bridges near campus are being lit blue and gold in support of the people in Ukraine.

    “People have internet connection in Ukraine, so they are actually seeing these symbols of solidarity and taking encouragement from it,” says Dr. Ivy Hamerly, director of Baylor’s international relations program. “There’s not a lot we can do to change the situation, but we can at least encourage them.”

    Sic ’em, Bears!