• Baylor Class of 2021 job placement numbers come in far above the national average

    Baylor graduate wearing an "I know where I'm going next" t-shirt

    The job placement numbers are in for Baylor’s Class of 2021 — and they’re outstanding. With data collected from 99.6% of the class, Baylor’s most recent graduates have an impressive 86% placement rate within six months of graduation — meaning students looking for full-time employment have quickly found jobs.

    That’s well above the most recent undergraduate placement rate national average, which was just over 50% according to a Nov. 2021 study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

    Baylor’s numbers get even better when you expand the pool to look at students who either found full-time employment, enrolled in graduate school or started full-time service (think military or volunteer work). According to the Baylor Career Center, this number (dubbed in the industry as “success rate”) for BU’s Class of 2021 is 88%.

    Even better than that? Baylor’s numbers are trending up; 2020 graduates had a success rate of 83%, while 2021 graduates have improved to 88% — with December 2021 graduates already seeing another significant jump. All this despite the challenges of graduating and finding work during a pandemic!

    The Career Center tracks this sort of data not just so Baylor can toot its own horn, but so that administrators can identify which student groups are finding success quickly (and which need additional support). The information also helps students and parents see the return on their investment, and shows faculty and staff the success of their students and how their programs translate to professional careers.

    Some of this success can be attributed to the Career Center’s efforts and opportunities. Whether it’s incoming freshmen ready to create a plan for their future, outgoing seniors applying to graduate school, or students at the stages in between, Career Center staff members are passionate about listening to, collaborating with, and supporting students in every way possible. Learn more about their offerings at baylor.edu/careercenter.

    Sic ’em, recent grads and the Baylor Career Center!