• Where do Waco’s culinary trendsetters go for our city’s best meal?

    Pizza in the oven at Moroso

    Visiting Waco and wondering where/what to eat?

    One extra benefit to Waco’s growth in recent years has been the development of a true Waco food scene. Baylor alumni have played big roles in the city’s recent culinary development, as the forces behind new favorites such as Pinewood Coffee Bar, The Olive Branch, Revival Eastside Eatery, Waco Cha, Nightlight Donuts & Coffee, and Mac House. (You can read about those efforts in this feature from the latest issue of Baylor Magazine.)

    For this piece, however, we had one simple question: “Where would you go for the best meal Waco has to offer?” Here’s what these purveyors of some of Waco’s best had to say:

    “I love a good meal from Saffron — in particular, the chicken masala… I’m glad there are a lot more options, especially in the Asian American food section, like Saffron. There’s Curry Up and Wok This Way… They’re starting up at the Farmer’s Market. I believe they’re starting in Union Hall soon.” — Devin Li (BS ’12), co-founder, Waco Cha & Waco Bao

    “Definitely Saffron Waco. That’s the new Indian restaurant over on Valley Mills… for their butter chicken and garlic naan.” — Jaja Chen (MSW ’16), co-founder, Waco Cha & Waco Bao

    “Of course, it’s from the Olive Branch, and it’s either a hot chicken sandwich or our house-smoked brisket sandwich.” — Leah Stewart (BBA ’98), owner, Olive Branch

    “I think Moroso [pictured above]. It’s the best pizza ever.” — Jackson Wren (BBA ’15, JD ’18), co-owner, Nightlight Donuts

    “To me, service is almost more important to me than food at this point. And that’s something I think we do really well here. But if we’re looking for a nice date night, my husband and I will go to Milo.” — Danielle Young (MS ’13, PhD ’16), owner, Revival Eastside Eatery

    “I’m going to go to Diamondback’s and I’m going to get a ribeye. Then I’m going to go to Mac House and get some mac and cheese for our side item — you got to do it. And a little side salad from there too, because we have amazing side salads. Then I’m going to go to Pop’s and get some lemonade.” — Omari Head (MDiv ’12), co-owner, Cheddar Box, Mac House & Pop’s Lemonade

    “My favorite breakfast is definitely Harvest on 25th’s breakfast tacos. Lunch… I have, over the last few months, been going to Milo more for lunch, and their Hot Chicken Tacos are great. And then Moroso for dinner.” — John David Beard (BBA ’14), co-owner, Pinewood Coffee Bar

    Sic ’em, Waco foodies!