• Reunited at McLane: the weekly fall Baylor Family reunion returns

    Baylor students celebrating at McLane Stadium

    Baylor football opened up McLane Stadium for 2021 in style on Saturday, defeating Texas Southern 66-7. The dominating win featured plenty of highlights on the field, and plenty to celebrate surrounding the game as well; Saturday marked the first time since the start of the pandemic that McLane Stadium was open at 100% capacity, and it reminded us all of just how much we missed being together.

    It’s hard to believe, but 658 days passed in between Baylor’s win over Texas in the 2019 home finale and this past Saturday evening. In between, Baylor Athletics staff and support staff did an incredible job allowing limited-capacity games to take place. But as we all know, there’s something special about a typical fall Saturday at McLane, and the things we got to experience again that we can’t take for granted:

    Tailgating — Safety necessitated the cancellation of pre-game tailgating last year, but it was back this year. Thousands of fans gathered along the Brazos to celebrate pre-game, and judging by social media, there were plenty of hugs, sic ’ems, and even a few tears after a long time away.

    Bear Walk — For Coach Aranda and last year’s freshmen, Saturday marked their first-ever chance to do the Bear Walk, and the Baylor Family showed up to welcome them two hours before kickoff.

    Baylor Line — The Baylor Line cannot be stopped. Last year, it continued in abbreviated form in its 50th anniversary season to account for social distancing and student safety. This year, it was back in full bloom, with thousands of freshmen stretching from end zone to end zone.

    Golden Wave Band — Much like the Baylor Line, the Golden Wave Band adjusted to COVID-19 with a limited capacity in 2020. Saturday, the band was literally back together at full capacity, and the difference reverberated throughout the stadium, heralding the start of a new season, both on the field and off.

    First downs, touchdowns & big plays — Baylor’s 66-point performance gave fans plenty to celebrate, and celebrate they did throughout the game; over 40,000 fans made a big difference in adding to the atmosphere and sound at the stadium, with “First Down” declarations and roars after big plays and touchdowns making everything seem a little bit more normal.

    There was so much excitement, but what it ultimately comes down to is being together again as a Baylor Family. For fans who couldn’t make it out Saturday, there are still six more opportunities to make it back to McLane this year; get your tickets now!

    Sic ’em, Baylor Gameday!

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