• Five new offerings for Baylor students this fall

    New school year = new campus offerings! The fall semester is in full swing; here’s a look at some of what’s new on campus:

    Revolve eatery

    You may have noticed the lobby on the first floor of the SUB has received a bit of facelift to welcome a new space: Revolve. This rotating eatery will feature some of Waco’s favorite local eateries throughout the semester.

    First up: Oh My Juice, serving up fresh juices, smoothies, acai bowls and other healthy treats. Another local business will move into the space mid-September.

    A food truck on 5th Street

    Permanent food trucks on campus: 
    You want ’em. We got ’em. Baylor Student Activities recently announced a partnership with Baylor Dining to have local food trucks on campus all. year. long. This collaboration amps the artisanal dining experience on-campus — and supports the growth of small businesses in Waco. Food trucks will rotate every two weeks, Monday thru Friday on 5th Street.

    Moody Library first floor space

    Moody Library updates: 
    Moody’s first floor has changed radically since 1968, from a home for thousands of books to a temporary office space for the Ignite team. Today, it’s a flexible, independent study area with a small event space and art gallery! And coming this fall, nine Framery “pods” will be available for student reservations, accommodating individuals and small groups within the larger Moody 1 space.

    A student sitting in a new Adirondack chair on campus

    Adirondack chairs on campus:
    Baylor’s campus is so beautiful, why wouldn’t you take the time to enjoy it while you study? Over the summer, brand new, white Adirondack chairs were placed around the SUB for every Bear to enjoy.

    Sample telehealth call

    Telehealth features extended:
    Throughout the pandemic, the Baylor Counseling Center and Health Services have stepped up to offer telehealth services to those on Waco’s campus. Now, they are expanding these features to be available for all Baylor students 365/7/24 — whether you’re located on campus here in Waco, at the nursing school in Dallas, working toward an MBA in Houston, or even studying abroad around the globe.

    “We recognize students really value face-to-face appointments, but it’s difficult to schedule with their busy schedules,” says Dr. Jim Marsh, dean for student health and wellness. “These updated offerings will extend our reach in availability and geography, making sure all students feel supported.” Marsh indicated the new offerings will become available no later than October 1.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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