• Move2BU crew welcomes Baylor’s Class of 2025

    Baylor’s not the only school in the country where volunteers line up to help new students move into their residence halls — but it’s hard to believe any school does it better.

    Wednesday and Thursday, thousands of new Baylor students (both freshmen and transfers) were helped into their new homes by an equal number of faculty, staff and student volunteers — including President Livingstone, who was out there both days carrying boxes and welcoming new members of the Baylor Family.

    What does such service look like? Like this:

    Want to see more? Check out this photo gallery, this video and this Facebook Live from Move-In at Martin — then share a word of thanks to the volunteers who made it all possible.

    After students were all settled in their rooms, they and their families enjoyed one more meal together at the Baylor Family Picnic before saying their goodbyes. And with that, Welcome Week is officially underway!

    Sic ’em, #BU25!