• Late Baylor alumna’s photos show off campus life in the 1940s

    A mass of old photos of Baylor

    When Donna Gay Anderson was preparing to move into a new home, she did what most people would do — start cleaning out the clutter. But as she sifted through things in the attic, she found something rather special: photos from her late mother’s time at Baylor.

    Vonnie Haisty, Donna’s mother, came to Baylor in the early 1940s, likely studying speech or theatre, Anderson says. (After graduating, she would go on to establish the theatre program at Southeastern Louisiana University.)

    “Unfortunately, my mother died when I was 20. I didn’t have the opportunity to have adult conversations with her or impart her wisdom,” says Anderson. “I did, however, hear her talk about how much she enjoyed her time at Baylor — and these photos reflect that.”

    Collage of photos showing Baylor campus life in the 1940s

    “Though I didn’t get to hear many stories about her time in Waco, I know she adored the school and cherished her friends in the dorm,” says Anderson.

    According to Anderson, Haisty’s father died when she was only 13. It was a family effort to send Haisty off to Baylor, but an opportunity she was most grateful for.

    Collage of Baylor graduation photos from the 1940s

    We’re so thankful Anderson chose to share these photos with us. (You can see even more of these photos in this Facebook gallery.) They certainly help light the ways of time!

    Sic ’em, Vonnie and Donna!