• Baylor entrepreneurship named among nation’s top 10 for 12th straight year

    Foster Campus for Business & Innovation atrium overhead shot

    The last time Baylor entrepreneurship WASN’T among the nation’s top 10 programs, today’s freshmen had barely started elementary school.

    Yes, for the 12th straight year, Baylor’s undergraduate entrepreneurship program is a consensus top-10 national pick in the field. It’s ranked No. 7 in the country by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneurship magazine, and No. 8 nationally by U.S. News.

    “We have a dozen or so professors who all they do is teach entrepreneurship, do research on entrepreneurship, so we really have a strong core area of faculty, staff and students who are dedicated,” department chair Peter Klein told the Baylor Lariat. He says there are around 170 entrepreneurship majors and another 150 or so students minoring in the field. These students “are not comfortable seeing themselves working for another company for the rest of their lives,” Klein added. “What they want to do is they want to chart their own path and are willing to take the risks and be accountable for their own decisions and their own successes and their own failures.”

    Baylor was one of the first universities to create a formal academic program in entrepreneurial studies, having launched its first classes in 1978. More than 40 years later, Baylor’s Department of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, as the program is now formally known, is firmly established among the nation’s best undergraduate entrepreneur programs.

    Interested in learning more? Check out their website at baylor.edu/business/entrepreneurship.

    Sic ’em, Baylor entrepreneurship!

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