• Emmy-nominated Baylor alumna’s talk show going national

    Whitney Reynolds

    For the past several years, Baylor alumna Whitney Reynolds (BA ’07) has made it her mission to highlight do-gooders through her talk show, The Whitney Reynolds Show, seen primarily in the Chicago area. Now, the show is going national, thanks to a syndication deal that includes PBS stations in Los Angeles, Denver, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C.

    At its core, the Emmy-nominated show is a half-hour inspirational segment dedicated to being a safe space for stories and hope. The conversations that take place urge audiences to never shy from telling their stories and embracing sensitive topics.

    “The show is what I call a dream turned mission,” says Reynolds. “I had a challenging childhood, and I could have benefited from a show like mine — one that discusses tough topics, but encourages the viewers to keep going,” says Reynolds. “The goal is to remind our viewers that even in the midst of struggle, there’s still hope. Our slogan is: ‘Your Story Matters,’ and we want everyone one to know they are seen and they heard.”

    The Whitney Reynolds Show has aired in the Chicago area since 2012, steadily growing its audience via broadcast and streaming options (including via PBS and Amazon Prime). This past May, it earned its first Telly Award for its coverage of racism in America, which paved the way for content in its upcoming season.

    “Now is an opportune time for the show to reach homes across the county,” says Reynolds. “These thoughtful discussions are invaluable. If we stay silent, we are part of the issue.”

    When reminiscing about her time at Baylor, Reynolds can’t keep from smiling. “Baylor shaped me and my career in so many ways, which included being a voice for Baylor football with John Morris and my first real TV experience as an intern at Good Morning America. I’m forever grateful for my Baylor family.”

    Today, Reynolds resides in Chicago with her husband Dave and their twins, Marlowe and Acher. “A huge part of my success as a TV host stems from my family,” she says. “They fuel me with the inspiration needed to bring light in dark places.”

    Sic ’em, Whitney!