• Thank you, Baylor Family, for all the ways you’ve helped BU students get through 2020

    A Baylor bench swing at sunset

    In a year that challenged nearly every aspect of daily life, the Baylor Family rose to meet the adversities faced by students, faculty and staff as we all navigated the uncharted waters of a global pandemic.

    One of the keys that powered the university through each of the new challenges that this season presented was the generosity of the Baylor Family, as more than 23,000 Bears have stepped forward (so far) in 2020 to financially support the university’s mission of providing a Christian education to students that they will take with them into the world.

    As the pandemic caused many Baylor students and their families to face financial insecurity and job loss, the Baylor Family stepped up to the tune of over $1.5 million in aid, making an incredibly difficult time just a little easier for many students, and, by association, their families and loved ones.

    Some gifts to Baylor went to support existing student-oriented efforts like The Store, a market that provides free healthy food to Baylor students suffering from food insecurity. Others gave to establish new measures to meet new needs, such as textbook scholarships for first-generation students and increased availability of health and wellness resources.

    Still other Baylor efforts worked to help those outside our campus affected by the pandemic. Truett Seminary hosted remote training and networking for pastors to deal with the spiritual ramifications of the stressors of this season, while the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty established a program to deliver emergency meals to children in rural areas and took that initiative national, providing millions of meals to children all across the country. These efforts would not have been possible without the sustained generosity of those who love the university.

    Despite the challenging circumstances, the Baylor Family cannot look back at 2020 without appreciating just how far the immeasurable support of Baylor’s students, faculty, and staff went toward making a dark time just a little brighter. To those who supported this university — whether financially, spiritually or emotionally — we cannot say “thank you” enough. It is only through your continued support that Baylor can light the darkest hour, and with your support, we aim to do so for generations to come.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

    [If you would like to financially support one of these Baylor efforts (or any other part of the university) before the end of the year, you can learn how here. Also — if there’s an example of how the Baylor Family shone its light that may have escaped our attention, we’d love to hear from you through this link. Last, but certainly not least, we hope you’ll continue to support the university throughout this Christmas season and into the new year by praying for Baylor students and their families, plus the faculty, staff and friends of all who call Baylor home.]

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