• Baylor Regent’s family gives $30 million to support Baylor student scholarships

    Jenni and Dan Hord

    Baylor alumni Dan (BBA ’89) and Jenni (BBA ’92) Hord could have done a lot of things with their money. They’ve chosen to use it to help Baylor students.

    The Hords’ transformational $30 million gift commitment to Baylor will provide countless merit-based scholarships to deserving students. And their gift doesn’t stop there; an additional component can be found in its name: the Hord Scholarship Challenge. The Hords are encouraging the Baylor Family to step up and match the gift (collectively, of course) to multiply its impact to students.

    “We recognize the incredible need for scholarships — we know this is one of the most fundamental needs as a student begins to make decisions about choosing a college,” says Dan Hord, a partner in HEDLOC Investment Company LLC, an oil and gas company, and Western Property Group, as well as a Baylor Regent. “On a micro-level, scholarships are such a personal, transformational gift for both the student and the donor. Our hope is that the Hord Scholarship Challenge offers the entire Baylor Family an opportunity to give sacrificially so that future generations of Baylor students are given the opportunity to fully embrace the Baylor experience.”

    The Hord Scholarship Challenge continues Baylor’s momentum in the $1 billion Give Light campaign, with Baylor Family members showing astounding generosity even amidst the challenges of 2020. These are just some of the notable gifts Baylor has received since last fall:

    Throughout the Baylor Family, individuals and families have stepped up to support Baylor students, faculty, and research efforts — generosity that bolsters the Hords’ confidence that their gift will be matched in ways that exponentially impact the futures of Baylor students for generations to come.

    Sic ’em, Dan and Jenni Hord!