• Statewide campaign shines light on Baylor’s research efforts

    Very few universities today can (or would) claim to be preeminent research institutions that fearlessly proclaim the name of Jesus — but that is Baylor’s aim. We recognize that all truth is God’s truth — so at Baylor, our academic strivings and research efforts are all about learning more about what God has made on this earth, and inspired in human hearts.

    Last Friday, the university took that message public to celebrate the great research being done at Baylor, using social media, billboards and other advertising to call attention to the impactful work being done by Baylor faculty and students:

    Almost 100 digital billboards across Dallas, Houston and Waco also called attention to Baylor’s research efforts:

    Schools, colleges and departments across the university also took to social media to share about the impact of the research being done in their areas:

    Baylor professors from a wide range of disciplines also shared the message, from their personal points of view:

    If this has you interested in learning even more about the important work being done at BU, make sure you’re following Baylor on social media and that you’re subscribed to the Baylor Connections podcast; guests all year long have been sharing about their research, whether that’s decision making, public health, or the spread of Christianity.

    Sic ’em, Baylor researchers!