• Participants rave about Baylor Line Camp 2020: Home Edition

    Baylor Line Camp 2020 participants on Zoom

    For 20 years now, Baylor Line Camp has been an essential part of the freshman experience — where new Baylor Bears can connect with their new home and build everlasting friendships. Like most things in 2020, Line Camp looked a little different this year — but that just meant New Student Programs found new ways to roll out the welcome mat for #BU24.

    In June, Baylor announced the launch of Baylor Line Camp: Home Edition, a series of 10 two-day, online sessions. Over 3,000 new Bears signed up for the opportunity to make new friends in small group settings, learn about the university’s history and traditions, and reflect on their upcoming journey at Baylor — all for free! During the week of their chosen session, students also received Line Camp packages in the mail, which included a hammock, pennant flags, stickers and a t-shirt.

    Here’s just some of what the Class of 2024 had to say about their Line Camp experience this summer:

    “I loved every single second. Thank you for putting in all the time and effort to make this possible, despite the circumstances. I had a great time and made some wonderful friendships. The Baylor difference is so real, and I can’t wait to start my journey there!”

    “Incredible experience. Loved getting to know new people and learning more about Baylor. It definitely helped me get more comfortable with the idea of leaving home and going somewhere unknown. It also brought me reassurance that I picked the right place for me.”

    “As odd as this may sound, I feel that because we were online we were able to confide in each other. This camp really showcased the dedication of the participants, as no one was monitoring our participation or requiring our attendance. Thus, everyone who was present during the Zoom wanted to be there and made people more comfortable knowing that the effort they were putting in was being reciprocated.”

    “I loved it! I am so excited to attend Baylor and found it really helpful for getting to know others. I also learned a lot more about Baylor’s traditions and how unique it is as a university. I feel so lucky I get to attend Baylor!!”

    “I greatly appreciate all of the work that was put into making this experience as close to normal as possible for the class of 2024. It is events like these, and the small tokens of appreciation throughout the summer, that have managed to make me feel like Baylor truly is a community I cannot wait to be a part of. Y’all clearly went above and beyond in preparation for this event, and it did pay off with not only myself, but also my fellow campers, feeling more at ease.”

    “I believe this was an amazing opportunity to get to know more about Baylor and meet other students. It made me feel like more of a student myself. It also got me excited for all the opportunities I know I will have when I start college.”

    Overall, 87% of this summer’s Line Camp who responded to an anonymous survey felt the experience was “very good.”

    Line Camp 2020 will conclude with a special online Baylor Line Jersey Ceremony this Wednesday night, streamed live on the Baylor Facebook page. Alumni and current students are invited to join in as well to help welcome our newest Bears.

    Sic ’em, #BU24!

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