• A quick look at Baylor’s costumed bear mascots through the years

    Bruiser and Marigold in the Baylor Homecoming parade

    There’s no doubt Baylor fans are some of the best in the biz, but the sidelines wouldn’t be the same without two of our favorite Bears: Bruiser and Marigold.

    Baylor mascots’ looks have evolved quite a bit over the last four decades. In celebration of National Mascot Day (June 17), we’re taking a look back through Baylor mascot history.

    The tradition of a costumed Bear mascot began in 1981, when the first man-in-a-bear-suit debuted at Baylor basketball games, sponsored by Wendy’s. (That’s the Wendy’s Bear below, posing with Baylor men’s basketball coach Jim Haller and athletic director Bill Menefee.) This version lasted only a few years.

    Wendy’s Bear with a store representative, Baylor Men’s Basketball Head Coach Jim Haller, and Baylor Athletic Director Bill Menefee

    In the mid- to late-1980s, a different version of the Bear appeared to rally Baylor fans at sporting events:

    A costumed Bear mascot interacts with a young fan

    Following the introduction of Baylor’s green bear logo in the mid 1990s, a green bear mascot followed suit for a short time:

    Baylor's green bear mascot

    Baylor returned to a brown bear mascot after just a short time, and with noted motorcycle enthusiast Guy Morriss as head coach of the football team in the mid 2000s, this bear followed suit in learning to ride:

    Baylor mascot on a motorcycle

    Around the same time, Baylor also added a second costumed mascot often referred to as “Inflatable Judge”:

    Baylor's inflatable mascot costume from the 2000s

    In the late 2000s, a new Bruiser took his place in Baylor’s mascot history:

    Baylor's Bruiser mascot circa 2013

    And in 2017, Baylor Spirit introduced Marigold as Bruiser’s partner. Together, they rally Baylor Spirit near and far!

    Marigold and Bruiser in the Baylor Homecoming parade

    Thanks to the Texas Collection for their assistance in rounding up many of these photos.

    Sic’ em, Baylor mascots!

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