• Professors as mentors — a Baylor tradition since 1845

    Ann Miller, Dr. Robert Packard, and Rachel Moore

    In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, the official Baylor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts each asked the same question: “Which Baylor professor(s) made an impact in your life?”

    The query drew more than 600 responses, and — reflecting Baylor’s long history of excellent teachers — more than 450 Baylor professors were named at least once. More than 175 individuals received multiple mentions. Five Baylor professors, in particular, stood out for how many times they were referenced, and the ways they were described:

    Ann Miller, BA ’49, MA ’51, taught English at Baylor from 1961-2001: “Ann Miller walked in the door talking, and I hung on every word.” … “She challenged us to stretch.” … “Ann Miller gave me a love for poetry and taught me (through her example) how to be a more engaged and compassionate teacher!”

    Rachel Moore, MA ’69, taught English at Baylor from 1966-2005: “Wow, was literally just thinking last night how much I learned in Rachel Moore’s English class.” … “I still remember her voice reading, ‘Tiger, tiger burning bright…'” … “I quoted her from the pulpit just 2 weeks ago!”

    Dr. Robert Packard taught physics at Baylor from 1952-2002: “Very genuine, and truly cared about his students.” … “I learned so much! He was funny and so very, very smart!!!”

    Dr. David Pennington taught chemistry at Baylor from 1967-2017: “You instilled the confidence to become the professional I wanted to become. Thank you, sir!!!” … “A wonderful educator, mentor and friend, who has become a part of our family.” … “I never had a professor who cared so much about his students as him!”

    Robert Reid, MA ’47, taught history at Baylor from 1948-92: “He made history come alive!” … “If I had only known then how much this gentleman would mean to me.” … “He made each lecture a dramatic production, memorable 50 years later.”

    Sic ’em, Baylor professors!