• Get to know Dr. Anne-Marie Schultz, Baylor Master Teacher

    Dr. Anne-Marie Schultz

    Earning the designation as a Master Teacher is a rare honor — one of the highest a Baylor professor can receive. In March, President Linda Livingstone announced that three Baylor professors have earned the title, increasing the roll of Master Teachers who had earned this designation to 29 since the honor was first bestowed almost 40 years ago.

    One of the three new Master Teachers is Dr. Anne-Marie Schultz, a professor of philosophy at Baylor since 1993. In 1999, she became the philosophy department’s first female faculty member to receive tenure, and, in 2013, she became the first woman promoted to full professor of philosophy. Schultz has also served as director of the philosophy graduate program and is currently the director of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC).

    “My favorite parts of teaching are sharing my love of philosophy with the students,” says Schulz. “I love seeing students engaging with each other in class discussion. I really enjoy the moment when the class bonds as a community of learners.”

    Schultz has also served on multiple committees over the years, including the Faculty Senate, University Tenure Committee, the Academy for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council, and the Better Together Advisory Council.

    Her hard work has earned her several awards, including the Centennial Professor Award and Outstanding Tenured Faculty Teaching Award for the College of Arts & Sciences.

    “My mentors, Bob Baird and Tom Hanks, are also master teachers,” says Schultz. “Receiving this award is particularly meaningful to me because of their influence on my professional development and because of how much Baylor values transformational education. To be recognized as a Master Teacher in this context makes me extremely happy.”

    Schultz’s commitment to teaching excellence extends beyond the classroom. She is a distinguished Plato scholar, an insightful author and an outstanding public speaker. Her research primarily focuses on transformative practices as established by Plato and Socrates and how to apply them in academia today.

    “It is a challenging time to be an educator,” says Schultz. “I taught my first online class the day after I received word of my Master Teacher designation. I am determined to shine brightly and teach masterfully amid these trying circumstances. Now — more than ever — the world needs transformational education.”

    Sic ’em, Dr. Schultz!