• Who are the unsung heroes on Baylor’s campus?

    A Baylor student poses with a Baylor police officer

    There are plenty of amazing members of the Baylor Family who we all know and recognize for their amazing work — from the patron saint of Memorial cookies, Miss Mei, to beloved Baylor President Linda Livingstone; from Master Teachers like Tom Hanks to the queen of women’s basketball, Kim Mulkey; from those who propelled our campus, like Vivienne Malone Mayes, to those who keep our students in their care today, like Kevin Jackson.

    These are all heroes of Baylor that we know and love. But, what about the unsung heroes — members of the Baylor community who are just as hard-working and difference-making, but a bit more behind the scenes? University social media accounts asked the Baylor Family to name their unsung heroes; here are some of our favorite responses:

    We saw so many shoutouts for our amazing bus drivers, dining hall staff, police officers, and custodians:

    Tim Blackstad (BU ’21): “Mark the bus driver. He drives the gold route (the one with the Ferrell Center). My man knows everyone’s names and is the nicest person alive. If you know him, you know what I’m talking about.”

    Kathy Dembroski (ITS Staff): Joann who is a custodian at Robinson Tower… She is the most pleasant person I know there, and keeps the building spotless!!!”

    Sloan Guthrie (BU ’20):Jimmy, Aaron, Stacey, Kramer, Glenn, Clyde, Mike, Ryan, and D from Penland Lunch. Their smiles make my day, and I go to Penland just to talk to them and ask them about their day. If you don’t know them I recommend you introduce yourself.”

    Tammy Satterlee Sinclair (BU parent): My daughter said she and all the Outdoor Adventures kids in Penland love Officer Shane. She’s brought him up many times.”

    Carolina Denise Münoz Môntforte (BU ’22):Ms. Sharon, Ms. Erma and all of the staff at Memorial Dining Hall!! They are always greeting everyone with the biggest hellos and smiles! They care about all of us deeply.”

    Greer Ellis Rutt (BU’22): “Mr. Chris who does maintenance in the dorms (Collins, Dawson, Allen)!! Literally the friendliest human EVER, even on the less than great days. He even remembered my birthday!”

    And, of course, all over campus, there are heroes in so many different departments:

    Macy Scott (BU ’20): “Melanie Moore Briscoe!! She is the program manager at the tutoring department! She is the BEST and kindest boss I’ve ever had! She cares about the tutors personally and has the biggest heart! Everyone go to the tutoring center and check out this amazing resource for Baylor students, because Melanie works so hard!!”

    Yoonki Na (BU ’16): “The MA department definitely needs recognition!! They truly work and go beyond for students. It is truly a place where everyone is welcome. It helps many organizations to host 1/3 of university events and welcomes all international students to feel at home from away from home. I love them!!! I am forever grateful for making my Baylor experience the best one I could have.”

    Tanner Vickers (BU staff):Joshua Gilliam has worked at Baylor for nearly two decades (maybe more?). He leads a team of dedicated staff behind the scenes who provide Baylor with many of its cherished traditions, including Sing, Pigskin and Mass Meeting (before it moved to the Ferrell Center). Waco Hall is home to many students’ first experiences at Baylor through orientation, Chapel and Premiere weekends… His dedication to excellence inspires others to approach their work with the same commitment and pursuit.”

    Britney Graber (BU doctoral candidate):Christina Jeong (case management, TIX). She is literally the kindest person you will ever meet. Many students won’t have the privilege of getting to know her (which is good considering the circumstances), but as her former coworker, I can say she truly excels at her job in caring for students and having compassion on them during such difficult experiences. She SHINES God’s (and Baylor’s, come on now) light to all she encounters. Soft-spoken yet a beast of an advocate for others. Humble to a fault. A helper to students in a time of need. If she sees this, she’ll probably be super embarrassed I’m singing her praises. That’s just the kind of person she is.”

    Brandon Holt (BU ’13): “Dominique Hill has been the heart and soul of the SLC for years.”

    Mallory Drake (BU ’19): “Amy Ames in the career center! When I had no idea what to do with my gap year or what my options were, she helped me realize that my path didn’t have to look like my friends, I just had to follow the one best for me. She is a rockstar!!”

    Then there are the many heroes that help Baylor parents sleep easier at night, knowing there are people who care deeply and well for their children on our campus.

    Cheryl Pringle (BU parent):Polly in the religious center! My daughter needed help as a new student. We live 1,800 miles away. The operator randomly placed my call to the religious center. Polly answered. She took my daughter under her wing. Extremely positive, lots of energy. Helped my daughter transition into Baylor.”

    Kelly Stuart (BU parent):The DINING STAFF at Brooks residential!! They noticed my son wasn’t eating much at breakfast and other meals and figured out all of his food allergies. Now I get pics and texts about all the special things they are doing so he can eat safely! This mama bear cannot thank them enough.”

    Even Future Bears are already having amazing experiences with everyday heroes on our campus:

    Ian Shales (BU ’24): “Hunter Haston, admissions counselor over Georgia. He has helped me immensely with my application. Sic ‘em!”

    After reading all these comments (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), we want to say the biggest thank you to all the unsung heroes on our campus. Baylor University would simply not be the same without you.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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