• How Baylor helps each student achieve his/her unique academic & vocational goals

    Not every student is the same, so not every student needs the exact same resources during their years at Baylor. That’s where Student Success Initiatives (SSI) comes in.

    The sole job of SSI staff members is to address students’ social, emotional, vocational, spiritual and academic needs. They use technology, research, and predictive analytics to improve how faculty and staff support students as they reach their academic goals. The result: A more robust, coordinated care network designed to strengthen a students’ transition, persistence and retention. Among their offerings:

    * Baylor Summer — Baylor Summer classes are designed to help students get on track or get ahead in their degree plan. Hour loads are lighter, classes are smaller, and tuition is 25% cheaper. Students can even take summer courses on campus, online, or abroad.

    * First in Line — Nearly 1 in 5 Baylor students is a first-generation college student. These Bears are likely the first in their family to navigate applying to college, the first to figure out how to get financial aid and scholarships, and the first to make the transition from high school to college life. Because of that, they often need guidance specifically tailored to them.

    * New Student Experience (NSE) — NSE combines courses and programs to help students transition to the rigorous academic environment at Baylor. It includes such first-year programs as Orientation, Line Camp, Move-In and Welcome Week, plus introductory classes in a wide variety of subjects.

    * Pre-Law — As you probably guessed, Baylor Pre-Law assists undergraduates in the complex process of preparing for entrance into law school. The intent is to give students a realistic understanding of the legal profession, encourage them to develop the skills necessary to be a successful lawyer, and create a supportive community for these students.

    * Transfer Student Success — Transferring into Baylor comes with its own unique set of challenges. Transfer students come with a wide array of backgrounds, experiences and stories; this program provides them support, programming and advocacy throughout their Baylor experience.

    * Veteran Educational and Transitional Services (VETS) — Transitioning from military to civilian life (and to college life) is no easy feat. What’s it like to be a civilian again? How do you handle a suddenly very unstructured schedule? How can a person with very different experiences and in a very different life stage relate to 18- to 22-year-old students, much less make friends? With a tagline of “From salutes to sic ’ems!”, VETS helps students navigate these sorts of issues.

    SSI is also home to “The Store,” an on-campus food pantry which — along with free farmer’s markets, a mobile food pantry, and mini-fridges across campus — helps support students battling food insecurity.

    Before the Student Success Initiative was formalized in 2016, these programs weren’t under one roof. But so many students fall into multiple categories — transfer students are also new students, for example — that Baylor is now better able to serve them through a centralized effort. (If you’re a student wanting to get support from them, you can find them in the center of campus, in the east wing basement of Sid Richardson Building.)

    Sic ’em, Student Success Initiatives!

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