• This just in: Bears anchor local and national news across the country

    Richelle Carey, Bianca Castro, John Knicely, Lacie Lowry, Lauren Freeman and Lauren Przybyl

    The music swells, the graphics give way, and the camera zooms in to the anchor desk; the nightly news is on the air once again. And all across the country, there’s a decent chance it’s a Baylor alum reading you the news.

    On local newscasts from the Gulf Coast to the Great Plains, you’ll find alums flinging their green and gold. Scanning anchor biographies, it’s pretty common to read that an anchor “is a proud Baylor alum” or “cheers on her Baylor Bears.” These alumni have become trusted voices in their communities on newscasts from morning to night.

    Bianca Castro, BA ’03, KXAS, Dallas/Fort Worth
    Richelle Carey, BA ’95, Al Jazeera English
    Lauren Freeman, BA ’99, KPRC, Houston
    Ann Harder, BA ’75, KXXV, Waco
    Stephanie Hedrick, BA ’05, KWQC, Davenport, Iowa
    John Knicely, BA ’03, KIRO, Seattle
    Lacie Lowry, BA ’04, KWTV, Oklahoma City, Okla.
    Lauren Przybyl, BA ’99, KDFW, Dallas/Fort Worth
    Melissa Wilson, BA ’93, KRIV, Houston

    Baylor also boasts graduates in weather, sports and behind the scenes, telling the stories that impact viewers, providing contacts for future Baylor newscasters, and even taking advantage of the banter between stories to slip in the occasional “Sic ’em, Bears!”

    Sic ’em, Baylor news anchors!

    [Did we miss someone? Let us know — submit a Point of Pride here!]

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